PathFund relaunch updates!

4 min readMar 16, 2022

While waiting for the second audit we’ve been working on ways to draw more attention to PathFund once the trading is open. After exploring different options, we concluded that the best way to start with a bang is through a public sale.

With that being said, the relaunch will be marked by an epic presale raising up to 2000 BNB. (Last year in our first presale we raised 500 BNB when 1 BNB was worth $690)

How does this impact the existing holders?
All of the existing holders will be automatically migrated to the new contract.
Whoever will buy our token during this presale, will buy it at the same price we had before the exploit took place.

*As an old holder, you’re not required to purchase tokens during the public sale if you don’t want to. You will still be migrated to the new contract with your current holdings.

There are no advantages/ disadvantages for any holder, be it new or old.

The presale will start on the same day we have the final audit and will be available for 4 days.

Why presale?
As everyone knows, people are more attracted to buy during an organized presale than from the market, as this guarantees them the lowest entry point possible as they’re all purchasing at the same price, not after someone pumps up the price.

Presales are known to spark rumors, discussions, and curiosity among new holders, ICO hunters, and gem finders.

We already have an old and educated community that knows us, the project, our goal, and ambitions, together with our past as well. This will play an important role in adopting the curious potential holders trying to verify if the project or the team is legitimate.

Our proven activity throughout the past year (almost), transparency, and openness will make us more trustworthy for our new audience.

All the attention gathered from this presale will be directly reflected in a brand new chart, and holders will grow faster than before, same for the liquidity.

The dip caused by the exploit will be automatically covered before the trading starts.

We still have 6 days left to advertise on BTok and we already received their permission to use these days during our presale.

New contract benefits
More control for the owner over contract functions and overall functionality, in case of an unfortunate event. (Blacklist address, different ways to stop trading, a way to enable only transfers if it will ever be the case, limits for wallets and transactions)

As of now, none of these functions will be used by PathFund without having a solid reason like a hack, exploit, or even someone having his own wallet hacked.

New tokenomics:
Total supply: 100,000,000
Taxes: 2% buyback, 2% marketing, 2% development, 3% auto liquidity

The new contract comes with a brand new buyback mechanism that will benefit the holders by raising the price floor and keeping the chart greener.

Example: $1000 buy/ sell order — 2% goes to buyback wallet ($20)
The funds available in this wallet will be used to purchase PATH tokens at key moments when the chart needs support (to kickstart a marketing campaign, an exchange listing, to cover a dip, or to stop a downtrend)

Auto BNB conversion
The development & marketing wallets have been upgraded as well, for the benefit of the holders and chart, and together with the buyback wallet, they all use the in-built auto BNB conversion.

Instead of receiving the fee in native tokens, our contract is set to accumulate the fees in PATH. Once a threshold set by us is reached ($500) it will automatically sell the PATH for BNB, and then transfers the BNB to the three wallets (buyback, marketing, development)

In this way, we won’t be forced as before to sell big amounts of PATH/BNB to cover expenses of any kind.

As of now, you will still have our full transparency in regards to the project’s expenses by simply tracking the transactions done by each wallet.

New products — update

In parallel with all the things we shared in the last few weeks, the PathCharts have been fully developed, currently awaiting deployment and configuration.

The team has also made impressive progress with the NFT Marketplace, one of the proposed NFT contracts is currently in the testing phase.

PathMerch is finalized in terms of logistics and preparation, the team is currently working on the web page.

A lot of new engaging contests and products are underway, more details about them will follow soon.

Let us know if you have any questions by replying to this message.
Thank you!




PathFund aims to be a trusted launchpad which also sponsors the projects it launches with funds for marketing campaigns.