3 min readFeb 2, 2022
You can be the next PathLegend and get a custom avatar plus $1000 worth of BNB!


Tweet about anything PathFund related: memes, progress, updates, or your thoughts about our project, crypto news that would impact PathFund, or relate to it.

The staking pool is live and the launchpad is coming soon too! Let everyone know about this!

How many times?

There is no limit in how many times you can tweet about PathFund, you can tweet once per day or 10 times per day, it’s up to you!

How do I know if I won?

This time, we’ll be judging based on tweet impressions. This means that on the last day of the contest you’ll have to go on Twitter at: and then click on “Export data by tweet” in the top right corner. (Only available in desktop view)

Is it that easy?

Yes, it is! The more impressions your tweets get by the end of the contest, the bigger your chances are to grab the $1000 prize in BNB and a custom PathLegend avatar!

Tag your friends, get more followers, all it takes is creativity and dedication.
You too can be a PathLegend!

Some rules:

1) Tweets must contain the following hashtags:
@pathfund #pathfund #bscgems #bsc #defi

2) Contest begins on February 2ndat 21:00 GMT +2 — ends on February 28th at 12:00 GMT +2

3) The minimum impressions number in order to be qualified is 25,000 total impressions.

4) You can add other hashtags as well that can increase the visibility of your tweets but these above are mandatory for the tweets to be eligible.

5) Only PathFund related tweets will be taken into consideration when calculating the total impressions number. All other tweet impressions will not be taken into consideration when deciding if a contestant is eligible for winning or is the actual winner.

6) Winner will be awarded 3 days after the contest has ended, on February 28th, 2021.

7) Each participant MUST fill in the following form with the required details and a WeTransfer link containing the analytics report downloaded from Twitter.

8) Each participant is eligible to submit up to one (1) entry during the contest period.

9) Use of any repetitive, automatic, programmed, or similar technology, system, or agent to enter is prohibited and will void all of your entries.

10) Use of any paid services like giveaway pages to boost posts is strictly prohibited and any action related to this will result in immediate disqualification.

11) Copy-pasting the exact same tweet (text or media) throughout the campaign will be considered spamming and not taken into consideration for the final counting.

12) Any attempt to modify Twitter impression count in analytics or otherwise tamper with the data for entry will terminate your entry in the contest.

13) There will be only one winner. The winner will be notified through an official announcement on Telegram and Twitter.

14) Winner may be required to submit screenshots of tweet impressions to verify the total impressions.


PathFund aims to be a trusted launchpad which also sponsors the projects it launches with funds for marketing campaigns.