Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are creating new millionaires, as per data from CryptoSlam. More people are finding NFTs a haven to store value in the backdrop of weakening trust in the US dollar and other fiat currencies, increased real-economy use cases, and tech-enabled mass-market access is driving interests in NFTs.

When Jack Dorsey, the billionaire co-founder of Twitter, put up his first-ever tweet for sale as a non-fungible token, many got stunned. Not many people had known what NFTs are, and how they work, let alone what drives people to get into the NFT frenzy. It’s indeed true that NFTs have…

A larger part of increased crypto adoption is driven by peer-to-peer transactions from emerging markets, as these countries attempt to promote tech entrepreneurship and more financial inclusion. Citizens, on the other hand, use Bitcoin to cushion themselves against their respective local currency devaluation.

Cryptocurrency adoption has risen over the past few years, with last year alone recording up to 881% adoption rate, mostly driven by peer-to-peer transactions and use cases. Crypto was designed as a peer-to-peer digital currency, hence it’s not surprising to see peer-to-peer transactions driving its increased usage across the globe. While large-scale investors and institutions are increasingly participating in cryptocurrency projects, one of the most important drivers of crypto adoption is the retail investors that mainly use it as a medium of exchange and individual saving. …

We are excited to announce that we have signed the contract for our launchpad development with one of the top companies in Bahrain, 4SPOTS.

4SPOTS specializes in digital innovation and has earned a reputation for doing outstanding work across multiple categories. They have earned multiple awards so far in different categories and worked together with some of the biggest companies in the automotive, banking, and mobile payments fields.

Together we aim to create a launchpad that will be worthy of a next-generation title, design-driven with efficiency and simplicity as core values accompanied by features never seen before.

The development of PathLaunch will begin in the following period and, we'll have some easter eggs for you along the way!

Thank you for being such a supportive community during all this time, together we can make the crypto world a safer place!

Whitelisting and Tier System explained

Access to future project presales, as you already know, will be granted based on staking tiers. Each staking tier requires a minimum amount for staking and each level will have increased benefits.

Presales will have 2 stages:

  • Stage 1 - Per tier
  • Stage 2 - Free for all PathFund holders if there are any unsold tokens from Stage 1.

Whitelisting will be done based on staking levels as follows:

Participants will have to stake $PATH to be able to participate in presales.

  • Tier 1: Stake min $500 PATH | Stake duration 1 day - unstaking delay 1 day
  • Tier 2: Stake min $5000 PATH | Stake duration 3 days - unstaking delay 3 days
  • Tier…

Trust is very important in business, what makes investors, customers and users feel safe when working with your project ?

A: We aim to offer a one-stop-solution to everyone involved, both investors and developers.

We will be guiding the projects that will apply to our launchpad to the happy-path to reaching their goals.

We would use our resources, knowledge and contacts in order to make sure that developers can just focus on their product and their goals.

Besides guiding and mentoring projects, PathFund will also sponsor them with funds for development or marketing campaigns so we give them a good start.

For the investors, we will take all precautionary measures needed in order to ensure safety and also a fair…


Hi, everyone! Welcome to the XT AMA Channel. XT is honored to invite PATH today. Let me give a brief introduction of XT first. is the world's first real-time social trading platform with 0% leverage interest. The XT ecosystem has over 6 million global users with a daily transaction volume of close to $5 billion. The platform has real-time indicators and tools that bring the best trading atmosphere for all users.

XT exchange's innovative social model empowers the blockchain industry through newly developed social trading avenues, which were once not possible. …


About Wallet hack scams:
To perform any financial operation, a user needs a public and a private key. Private key is used as a digital signature to authorize the transaction and public key is used to confirm the private one. If a user loses the private key, they can no longer access their assets. If someone gets your private keys, they can easily transfer your assets into their wallet and the money will be lose forever. Hackers have various ways of stealing private keys such as by using browser extension and other applications.

  • How to protect yourself…


About Quantum Hacking:

At present, the world runs on something called asymmetric cryptography, in which individuals use a public or a private key pair to access things such as their crypto wallets, emails etc. Every single financial institution, every login on your phone — it is all based on asymmetric cryptography, which is susceptible to hacking with a quantum computer. The public-private key pair lets users produce a digital signature, using their private key, which can be verified by anyone who has the corresponding public key. …


Duration: June 12 at 9:00 UTC to June 13 at 20:00 UTC.

$50 for each platform:


1. Create a MEME Photo about PathFund

2. Write this caption -
Follow PathFund on social:
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#path #pathfund #crypto

3. Send the image link through private message to our official account where you will upload the meme.

4. The MEME with the most LIKES will win the prize per platform.

* The MEME with the most likes will be crowned the winner.
* One MEME = one entry
* You can do one MEME per day; Max MEMEs per person is 2
* Total LIKES is equal to the sum of all your entries

Let's go!


About Fake Exchanges scam:
Fake exchanges are launched by scammers to separate the consumers from their hard-earned money. These exchanges usually attract their preys by offering bonuses to people who register and deposit big amounts, or other such promotional offers. Once they have considerable amount accumulated on their platforms, they either increase the fee tremendously or make it difficult for users to withdraw funds or simply steal the deposits altogether. Many fake exchanges are also being launched under the name of well-established trusted exchanges to rip off people.

  • How to protect yourself against fake exchanges scam:
    Give preference…

PathFund Token

PathFund aims to be a trusted launchpad which also sponsors the projects it launches with funds for marketing campaigns.

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